A traditional pantomime with modern humour for all the family without losing the magic and romance of the original story. Great parts for both men and women of all ages including a small part for a child.


SCENE 1 (Part Scene Only)



Curtain up on lively street scene, people buying things on stalls and talking to each other and children playing.

SONG 1: Lively chorus number.

Song ends. Three village girls break off from rest.

GIRL 1: (excited) Are you sure, is he really coming here?

GIRL 2: Yes, and apparently he’s going to make some sort of an announcement.

GIRL 3: What could it be?

GIRL 2: I’ve heard he’s looking for a wife.

GIRL 3: Well he’s come to the right place then.

GIRLS laugh.

GIRL 1: (pointing left) Look someone’s coming it could be him.

GIRLS preen themselves bow their heads and fall into low curtsies. BUTTONS enters left.

BUTTONS: (to CHORUS) Hello everybody.


GIRLS: Your Royal Highness.

BUTTONS: Hello girls.

GIRLS look up.

GIRLS: (disappointed) Oh, it’s you.

GIRLS stand.

BUTTONS: Charming.

GIRL 1: You wish.

GIRL 2: Couldn’t hold a candle to him.

GIRL 3: Not in a million years.

GIRLS move to stage right.

BUTTONS: It was nice meeting you, call me. (notices AUDIENCE) Cor, visitors. Well I suppose as no one else is talking to me, as usual, then I should introduce myself. My name’s Buttons and I work for Baron Hard Up at Hard Up Hall. Well, I say work, I don’t really and the Baron can’t afford to pay me anything because he’s so poor. Still, there are perks to the job, like his beautiful daughter Cinderella. I love her, (downhearted) though like most people she never really notices me. (Possible reaction from AUDIENCE. Louder) I said she never really notices me.


BUTTONS: That’s better. Tell you what, you could all help me out. Whenever I come on if I shout out "hello boys and girls" you could all shout back "hello Buttons" and then everyone will think I’m cool for having so many friends and start taking notice of me. Will you do that?


BUTTONS: Great. Lets have a practice. (BUTTONS runs off right then runs back on again.) Hello boys and girls!

AUDIENCE: Hello Buttons.

BUTTONS: Well that was a fat lot of good. You’ve got to show more interest in me than that. Tell you what, pretend you’re all MPs and I’m a voter and there’s an election coming up, that should make you interested. (Runs off right, runs back on again. Louder) Hello boys and girls!

AUDIENCE: Hello Buttons.

BUTTONS: You’ve got my vote.

CINDERELLA runs on right.

CINDERELLA: (enthusiastically) Buttons!

BUTTONS: Blimey, it worked already. Hello Cinderella.

CINDERELLA: Have you heard?

BUTTONS: Heard what?

CINDERELLA: The prince is coming, apparently the royal family has some sort of an announcement to make. It’s so exciting.

BUTTONS: Hardly.

CINDERELLA: Oh it is, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

BUTTONS: Get out more.

CINDERELLA: Buttons, aren’t you interested?

BUTTONS: No, I’m more interested in my friends.

CINDERELLA: You’ve got friends?

BUTTONS: Of course I’ve got friends.

CINDERELLA: Well I’ve never met any of them.

BUTTONS: That’s because they’ve only just arrived. (Points to AUDIENCE.) There they are. (to AUDIENCE) This is the girl I was telling you about.

CINDERELLA: Hello everyone. There’s so many of them. You must be ever so popular Buttons, unlike me, I never meet anyone interesting.

BUTTONS: That’s because those two sisters of yours never let you out of the house, I don’t why you put up with it Cinderella, you should stand up to them. Why don’t you tell them to do their own washing and ironing and cooking and cleaning?

CINDERELLA: Well I would if it wasn’t for one very good reason.

BUTTONS: What’s that?

CINDERELLA: They’re bigger than me; especially around the hips.

BUTTONS: That’s not the point, you’ve got to be brave, you’ve got to stand up tall, stick out your chest and say in a loud and commanding voice…


ROSEBUD: (offstage) Cinderella!

BUTTONS: I’m off.

BUTTONS hides amongst CHORUS.

CINDERELLA: Buttons! What happened to being brave and standing tall and…


ROSEBUD: (louder) Cinderella!

CINDERELLA: Never mind.

CINDERELLA hides with BUTTONS. TULIP and ROSEBUD enter right laden with designer clothes bags.


ROSEBUD: Cinderella!

TULIP: It’s no good, I can’t shout anymore, my voice is going hoarse.

ROSEBUD: Well it’ll match the rest of your face then.

TULIP: Pardon?

ROSEBUD: Nothing.

TULIP and ROSEBUD put down bags.

TULIP: I’m so tired, hardly surprising, you see I was out clubbing last night.

ROSEBUD: Really?

TULIP: Yeah, you should have seen the talent. There was this one bloke, he was so hard, no matter how much I clubbed him he wouldn’t go down.

ROSEBUD: Perhaps you need a harder club?

TULIP: Really?

ROSEBUD: Yeah, what’s yours made out of?

TULIP: Pine.

ROSEBUD: I find a nice stone one works wonders for my love life. There was this one bloke I used to, you know, know, we’ll call him (local well-known) for now and I was having ever so much trouble wooing him until I picked myself up a nice bit of granite. He’s putty in my hands now, well at least his head is.

TULIP: Really? Well you’ll never guess what I heard the other day.


TULIP: It’s about that really snooty woman from (local society). You know the one, with the big…


TULIP: And the wide…


TULIP: And the saggy…


TULIP: Anyway, she was seen with that bloke from (another local society). You know the one, with the big…


TULIP: And the wide…


TULIP: And the saggy…


TULIP: And do you know what they were doing? They were, you know.


TULIP: You know.


TULIP: No, you know.

ROSEBUD: Oh. That’s disgusting.

TULIP: Well that’s what I said, they should be ashamed of themselves, carrying on like that in public. I mean, playing marbles in the street at their age.

ROSEBUD: Marbles? I thought you meant they were…

TULIP looks out towards AUDIENCE.

TULIP: (interrupting) Never mind about that now, look the place is full of horrible little children.

ROSEBUD: Well who let them in?

TULIP: I don’t know, but I suppose we’d better make use of them whilst they’re here. I’m Tulip.

ROSEBUD: And I’m Rosebud.

TULIP: And we’re the most beautiful women in the kingdom, aren’t we!

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